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About Us


Launched in 2018, FIND RENT WEAR is an online fashion rental platform for people to list and rent luxury designer clothing and accessories.

We have created a platform where users can list their wardrobes, items and designs to generate an income. Buying clothing and accessories that are rarely worn or used can be costly. We want to minimise those costs whilst still allowing people access to luxury products and exciting designs.

FIND RENT WEAR is bringing together individuals, boutiques and designers with those who love fashion, want to wear classic pieces, experience the latest trends and have an unlimited wardrobe without paying the high costs.


Bring Existing Rental Stores Online

FIND RENT WEAR also offers a way for users to create their own online rental boutiques or for existing rental stores to access a larger online marketplace. Fashion designers can list their designs on the platform and showcase their creations.

Create sharing cultures in cities around the world 

FIND RENT WEAR wants to create fashion sharing cultures in cities around the world giving users access to a large selection of clothing and accessories in the most cost effective way possible. We also want to help make the fashion industry more sustainable and reduce the environmental impact of clothing. 

With renting you can wear something new regularly and within your buying power. Whether you are looking for an evening gown for a special occasion or a new handbag to rent for a month, FIND RENT WEAR will offer you a seamless rental experience.