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How it works


For Renters

Find it

Browse through the items or search by categories, styles and stores. 

Narrow down your search by selecting a range of filters, including colour, size and designers.

Find size, fit and fabric information on the size/fit & other details tab of each product page. 

You will have access to the latest designer fashion, exclusive designs from rising designers and more.

Rent it

Pick your rental dates using the availability calendar. You can make a booking for up to 28 days in advance. Rentals are for 4 or 7 days. We advise scheduling your item to arrive 1-2 days before you need to wear it.

There are two ways to book an item. Instant Booking - For stores and owners who don't want to approve each request, you will see Instant Book on the product page. These rentals are confirmed straight away. Request for Booking - Some stores and owners want to approve a booking.

To submit your request you will need to enter your payment and delivery details. The store or owner will then have 24 hours to approve it. Once your booking has been confirmed you will receive an email with your order details. 

At checkout you will be presented with delivery options and your order will be delivered according to your chosen delivery method. There will be separate delivery options and charges for each owner or store you order from. Please see the Delivery & Collections page for more information. 


Wear it

Renting is hassle free. We have customer reviews so you can see how other women rated the item for fit and style. And if you need more information on the product you can contact the store or owner through the Find Rent Wear secure messaging system.  

If the item does not fit or you are not satisfied, you can exchange it or request a full refund. Returns are free! 

Simply wear your outfit and you will be contacted by our customer service team to schedule the pick up after the rental period has ended.


For Owners

Register or login with your account  Click ‘List your Items’ in the Navigation menu.

Set up your online store and profile under 'Shop'. This is a great way for renters to learn more about you and your products, and makes it more likely for you to get reservations.


You can set up as an individual designer or label, a luxury boutique, an exclusive designer store, or simply as someone who has a stylish wardrobe to rent out.

Now you can start adding your products. Go to your Listings Dashboard and click on 'Add Product'. Start entering your product information and click 'Save changes'. Use the guidelines below for filling in the product details. 


General Tab
Product Mode - This box should be ticked as the product will be for renting.

Instant Book - This means rental reservations don't require approval from you and users can automatically book your product. This can be more convenient as you won't have to respond to every request that comes through. However if you prefer to view and approve bookings leave the box unchecked.

Product Title - Name the designer followed by brief description and type of product. For example Stella McCartney Lace Panelled Satin Dress.

URL Keywords - This is automatically populated.

Rental Type - This is pre-set to per day.

Rental Price - We recommend a daily rental price of 5% of the retail price. However what you charge is entirely up to you. Rentals are for periods of 4 or 7 days and Find Rent Wear will automatically calculate the appropriate rental price when customers make a booking.

Rental Security - We recommend taking a security deposit equal to the current retail value of your item. Please visit the Help Centre for further information on Security Deposits and Insurance. 

Quantity - Use this field if you have more than one piece of the same product. You can add different size and colour options in the 'Product Options' tab. 

Designer - Enter designer/brand name. If the designer does not appear then send a request for a new designer to FIND RENT WEAR. 

Product Category - Select appropriate categories from the drop down boxes.

Product Condition - Select the condition of your product. As a guideline, a product in excellent condition would either be brand new or rarely used and a product in good condition may have been used several times however is still in a rentable condition. 

Status - Active - it will appear on the website. Inactive - it will be saved but will not appear on the website. The status can be changed from the 'My Products' tab on the dashboard. 

Photographs - Attach up to 5 photographs of your product. Take photographs of the back, front, side, the label and a close up view of the item. For further guidance please see the photograph tips below.

Product Description - Provide as much detail as possible about your product. Start off with a few lines about the product, how to wear it and the designer. Follow by listing details such as colour, specifications like zippers, buttons and necklines, material composition, length, size and where it was made, along with any other information you feel the renter will find useful. 

Other Information Tab
Subtract stock - Select 'Yes'. When your product is rented out it will then show as 'Out of stock' on the website. 
Track Inventory - Default is set to 'Do not track'. However if you are a store with a higher quantities of the same product you can choose to track your stock levels. 
Date Available - Select the date your item will be available from. 
Product measurements and measurement units - Enter length, width and height information of your product where applicable. 
Product filters - select appropriate filters for your product. 

Product Details Tab
This tab allows you to add specifications to your product. For example, you can select material, colours, and sizes from the drop down box. Click on the plus sign and select the relevant specifications.

Product Options Tab
This tab allows you to manage the various variants for your product. For example, if you are a store with the same dress in different sizes or different colours this is where you would enter that information.   

Once you have set up your product, submit your request and we will review the item and notify you within 24 hours if your item has been approved for listing. If approved, the item will be immediately available for renting on the website. If the listing is rejected by the Find Rent Wear team, you will be notified by email with a brief reason explaining why. Possible reasons for rejection could include poor quality photographs, poor descriptions or unsuitable items.

When your item is booked for rental you will receive a notification email. Approve or reject the booking through the dashboard. We will then contact you to arrange a suitable collection time. The item must be available to be collected within 24 hours of the booking. Please see the section below on how to prepare your product (s) for dispatch. Your item is returned after the rental period has ended.

Service Fees 

FIND RENT WEAR takes a service fee on each rental order plus the cost of delivering your item back to you. All fees and charges are confirmed to you once a booking is approved. Your payment is made via direct deposit into your bank account around 24 hours after the renter has received your product. All payments are handled by FIND RENT WEAR and made securely on the platform.  


Preparing your order for dispatch

It is important to prepare your product before sending it out to the renter to create a good impression for your online store.  Products should be sent out clean, crease free and ready to wear. 

Clothing – You can place clothing in garment bags or wrapped in tissue paper to reduce creasing.

Bags & Accessories – Wrap bags in tissue paper to avoid scratches and place in the original designer dust bag.

Shoes – Wrap in tissue paper and place the shoes in their dust bag and designer box. 

Tagging Products - We advise that products are tagged using a tagging gun and tags. This ensures there are no disputes when a renter requests a refund. Should a renter remove the tags they will not be eligible for a refund as per the FIND RENT WEAR return policy. You can order these items online through websites like Amazon or Etsy or contact us on customerservice@find-rent-wear.com and we can place the order for you. Tags can be just plain coloured ones, or you can even create tags with your store name on them.

Packaging your Product - Once your products are ready you will need to place them in a box. Please ensure your parcel size does not exceed the maximum dimensions  of 60x50x50cm.

Use a strong, rigid, cardboard box.

Wrap each item indivdually.

If possible ensure no items are touching the side of the box.

Use protective padding materials such as polystyrene chips, polystyrene foam or blocks, shredded paper or bubble wrap to fill out the box.

Seal the box with heavy duty tape and not sellotape.

Printing and Attaching your Delivery and Return Labels - Once a booking is confirmed, FIND RENT WEAR will send you an email with the delivery method and renters delivery details. Please follow the link on the email and print out the required label and attach it securely to the top of the box.

You will also receive a link for the return label for the renter to send the item back to you. Print and place this inside the box on top of your packaged items. 

Photographing your Products 

Taking high quality photographs are key to renting out your products. It is the first thing that potential renters will look at. Listings with good photographs generally receive more views and eventually more bookings so it’s important to take some time in capturing these images.  Your photos need to showcase your products and also communicate important information about colour, material and size to help renters make an informed decision. 


Follow these tips to create beautiful fashion product images


Prepare your Product


Thoroughly examine your product. Repair any damages and remove any stains. Use an iron or steamer to ensure your products are wrinkle and crease free. Hide tags and labels and use rollers to remove dust. 


Shooting your Product


You don’t have to be a professional photographer or have access to a professional photography studio in order to take great product photos. You can easily create a photography set up at home with just a few items:


Camera or smartphone – you can use a DSLR or your smartphone as an inexpensive alternative.

Natural or artificial lighting – Natural window light is an inexpensive solution if you don’t have lighting equipment. Position your product near a window where it can get indirect sunlight. 

Background – always use a white background to ensure you capture colours as accurately as possible. You can hang a roll of white paper behind your product by either attaching it the wall with tape or by hanging it on a backdrop frame using clips. Make sure the paper covers the surface you plan to put your product on. Position your product on a mannequin directly in front of your camera. 

Tripod – Using a tripod ensures your camera wont shake and your shots will be consistent. Position it directly in front of your product. For different angles of your product you should move the product not the tripod and camera. 


Style your Product


Photographing your clothing on a mannequin is the best way to show the size and fit of the product. Pin items so they fit the form of the mannequin and use tape to hide any visible tags or labels. Take photos of the front and back and a close up of the material. 


Editing your Images 


Making a few simple touch ups to your images can make them look polished and professional. You can use free web based editors such as Pixlr and PicMonkey to make your photos brighter and sharper.  Or for more features you could use Photoshop. FIND RENT WEAR will resize and crop your images so they are in line with the other product images on the website. You can upload up to five images of your product. We recommend your image size to be at least 500 x 500 pixels.

Payments & Fees

To help operate the FIND RENT WEAR platform, we charge a service fee to owners and renters when a booking is confirmed. We take a 3% service fee from the renter which is shown on the checkout page. Owners are charged a 20% service fee and this is automatically deducted from the payout.